Terms and Conditions for Lyric Dance School.

Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions of enrolment before submitting a registration form. These rules apply to all pupils, including those who currently attend classes.

Class Terms and Pricing
  • We operate a term based payment system. In special circumstances (2 siblings attend our dance school or one child attend 2 or more lessons) we offer you possibility of payment in two installments : 50% of the cost for classes will need to be paid before the term starts, and the other 50% one month later. To arrange this special condition of payment please send as email to info@Lyricdance.com
  • An Early bird discount is applied when payment is made before the term starts.
  • Volume discounts. The “First Item” purchased in Dance Classes category is defined as the most expensive item and will be at full price, while each additional Item bought in Dance Classes category will have a discount of 20%
  • A variety of “Early Bird” Discounts will will also still be offered for items purchased early, and will be automatically added in addition to any other volume discounts earned for the order (as above).
    These “Early Bird” discounts are offered for classes booked and paid for prior to the start of each academic term.
    “Early Bird” Discounts are visible on the website with a small flag saying “Sale” on our website, and always run for a limited time.
  • As our costs are fixed, fees remain payable in cases of absence. There are no reductions for sickness or holidays. However, we can invite you to attend an alternative class for the one you have missed.
  • Half a terms written notice or payment in lieu is required if you wish to withdraw your child from classes at Lyric Dance Studio. Failure to do so will result in half a term’s fee being charged.
  • We do not charge an administration fees for booking classes online, or to join our dance school. However if you decided to discontinue classes after two weeks from your payment for a term, we will ask you to pay a small fee of £15.00 to cover our administrators time to update our systems and organise refunds.
  • All class fees must be paid in advance of the term start dates which are available three times in the academic year. This secures the pupils place in class. A late fee of GBP15.00 is added to any account that has caused us to issue more than one reminder and withdrawal from class(es) would follow shortly after. Please note that this could mean re-joining a waiting list.
  • Examination entries and participation in school performances will only be accepted if class fees are paid up to date.
  • Lyric Dance Studio reserves the right to change fees or timetable without prior notice. However, we will endeavour to inform parents and carers of any changes as soon as possible.
  • **We need at least 3 children in order for the class to go ahead – we will let you know the week prior to the start of the term if the class you have chosen is NOT going to go ahead**
  • By ticking the box of term and conditions you certify that you are the person with parental responsibility for the child named, and that the information given is true to the best of knowledge and belief.
  • We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties
Class Etiquette
  • It is your responsibilities to inform us if your child has special health or medical conditions before signing to our dance classes, and we will endevour to accommodate their needs.
  • Children should arrive promptly, correctly dressed in our school ballet uniform and attend classes regularly.
  • Teachers are only responsible for pupils during class time and only in the studio stated on the timetable.
  • Children under 8 years old are not allowed to leave the studio unless accompanied by an adult
  • Please inform your teacher of any injuries before class.
  • Physical contact maybe necessary when helping to demonstrate or correct technique.
  • During class, children are expected to listen and we discourage unnecessary talking. If a child is causing disruption, they will be asked to leave their lesson.
  • It is important to drink fluids at regular intervals during physical exercise, please pack water for your child.
  • For longer classes, such as Performing Arts please provide a snack for your child. But NO NUTS please, as some students might be allergic to nuts. Thank you.
  • Only once the required skill standard is attained, students may be put forward for examinations
  • Lyric Dance Studio does not accept the responsibility for items lost or stolen although anything we do find will be placed in lost property
  • Classes will typically have 10 – 13 pupils
  • The school typically holds parent “watch days” and “End of Year stage show” once a year.
  • The photos or videos of your child may occasionally be used in our website or marketing purposes
  • Parents are not allowed to take photos or videos during the class
Lyric Dance School Uniform Policy
  • We take considerable pride in the professionalism our school, and like any good school we like our children to learn in a fun environment, but do enforce a uniform policy so our little ballerinas look consistent, disciplined, and all feel comfortable with the correct equipment. This is also carried over to Ballet exams with strict requirements on presentation set by the IDTA.
  • The Ballet School uniform is obligatory for all children 2 years and over.It is important for pupils to be correctly dressed for classes at all times
  • Although the various tutus that newcomers bring with them are rather lovely, and its ok to wear them for the first trial class, but after that the uniform is mandatory.
  • If you are attending a class for the first time (or on a trial lesson) and you do not have a complete uniform, its fine to just wear something loose and comfortable. Soft shoes or bare feet for ballet, and hard soled shoes for tap classes.
  • We have partnered with one of the biggest dance uniform suppliers, to make sure our costumers can purchase the uniform at very competitive prices.We select high quality dance uniforms that are not too expensive, therefore to avoid confusion please order the ballet outfit through our trusted partner website: www.lds.mydancestore.co.uk
    To find out more please visit the page: https://lyricdance.com/product-category/buy-dance-uniforms/
  1. “1st Position Laura Leotard” and “A child pull on Georgette Skirt for following classes “Tippie Toes” “Twinkle Tots” , “Budding Ballerinas” and “Preparatory Grade” classes or 1st Position Wrapover Voile Skirt for “Primary” and “Grade 1-3”.
  2. Alternatively, you can order “1st Position Meryl Skirted Leotard (Light Pink) for Tippie Toes” “Twinkle Tots” , “Budding Ballerinas” and “Preparatory Grade”
  3. Our preferred Ballet shoes are Capezio Daisy pink ballet shoes, but we will accept other quality makes of pink leather dance shoes
  4. Silky Ballet Full Foot Tights AD103 Pink, but we can accept other good quality brands.
  5. Shoes for tap classes are Capezio Junior Tyette Tap shoes
  6. Boys must wear Long black shorts; White dance t-shirt; Black leather full soled ballet shoes; white ballet socks

For IDTA exams and performances only:

  1. Capezio Daisy Ballet Shoes (pink).
  2. 1st Position Ballet & Dance Socks only.
  3. Pink hair net bun available only from our website
  • The teaching staff reserve the right to refuse participation in class, exam or performance to any pupil if they are inappropriately dressed and no refund will be given.
  • In addition to the correct uniform, long hair must be in a classical bun for ballet classes and tied back for Modern Theatre dance, tap, jazz and freestyle classes. Short hair should be worn in a hair band with fringes clipped back and off the face.

Refund Policy : Dance Classes

  • We do not charge administration fees for booking classes online, or to join our dance school. However if you decided to discontinue classes after two weeks from your payment for a term, we will ask you to pay a small fee of £15.00 to cover our administrators time to update our systems and organise refunds.
  • All courses, classes, workshops and performances are non-refundable after 7 days from commencement of a term. In the unlikely event of cancellation of a class by Lyric Dance School we will offer a replacement class, or as an alternative at the schools discretion an appropriate refund may be offered.
  • If you cancel your class registration in writing at any point within 7 days from the commencement of that term, you will receive full refund for the remaining weeks of the term less a fixed administration fee of £15. Please note that there are NO refunds given for remaining dance lessons within a current term after 7 days from term commencement.
  • We do not prorate or give credit for classes missed, however we welcome students to to attend an alternative class for the one you have missed.  You can choose another time within that term at any of dance school locations or dates, if there is available space in the class.

Company Details

Lyric Dance School LTD Registered in England and Wales, with the Company No. 10409361 with a registered head office at 92 clifton road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 6PN, UK.

Email and Telephone contact details can be found on our Contact page.

Our Classes are now all ONLINE ! ... Book your trial class or new term to join your teachers for our Zoom live streaming classes, and we will resume in our normal locations when they open again :)