Kids’ Show Time – Kingston upon Thames.

Lyric Dance & Performing Arts School is happy to present our end-of-year Production called “A Fairytale Adventure”.

Our students have been working hard during the year to be part of this wonderful Kids stage show. They cannot wait to dance and perform on stage in front of a warm and welcoming audience. You can support our budding ballerinas and young performers by inviting some of your family and friends to also attend the 2023 Kids Stage Show. Cheer them on stage and encourage them with your applause as they perform.

Each child participant was allocated one ticket to invite a spectator from his or her family to watch he show. If more members of their family or friends wish to attend the performance please follow the link to get extra tickets

Please note the number of seats is limited in the theatre. Kids under 3 years old can attend for free, but they will need to sit on your lap during the show.

You are welcome to take photos during the performance, however it is only for personal use and for showing family and friends. For privacy and security reasons we request that these photos are not posted on any social media platforms, in support of child protection policies. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Date: 17th of June 2023

Time for dress rehearsal: 10.00am till 11.45pm. (We bring students back to their parents after the rehearsal)

Time for performance: 1.00-3.00pm including a short interval.

Important – Student drop off before the performance: by 12.15pm, and pick up from 3.00 to 3.30pm

Location for dress rehearsal and the stage show: Kingston Collage, Kingston Hall Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2AQ.

  • All participants are required to attend the dress rehearsal from 10.00am till 11.45pm. Each group will have a timeslot that they are required to be at the venue. We will email the timetable for dress rehearsal shortly. Please note that sometimes the dress rehearsal can take a bit longer, so please do not plan anything directly after your timeslot.
  • Students need to wear their stage costumes at both the Dress Rehearsal, and the Stage Show. All ballerinas are also expected to wear: light pink ballet tights and pink leather ballet shoes. It is a good practice to supply extra pair of tights for your child in case the first pair is accidentally damaged during the stage show. Please bring extra pair of tights with you and write the name of the child and their class on it. For Modern dance classes – wear black trainers or sneakers (Please confirm with your teacher). For Performing Arts classes – wear black ballet shoes/ trainers or sneakers. (Please confirm with your teacher).
  • Before entering the dress rehearsal and the performance: Hair should be properly brushed and tied back into a bun. Use clips and hair gel, hairnet to make the hairstyle neat and pretty. Here is a photo of the correct hairstyle. You can purchase hairpins and hairnet on our supplier website if required.
  • Please supply your child with a bottle of water during the rehearsal and performance, as it is a very long day. Write the name of your child on a bottle. No juice or food is allowed, as kids can make marks on their costumes. To ensure the costumes don’t get dirty, please have a snack before arriving. Note: There will be only a short break between dress rehearsal and the main performance, therefore it may be a good idea to prepare a light packed lunch for your child (NO NUTS please).
  • Jewelry must not be worn to the class or the show! Small stud earrings are the only exception.
  • You can prepare kids with nice stage makeup, using lipstick, eyeliner, mascara etc, as they are now performing artists!   
  • At the door, staff will sign your child in for both dress rehearsal and the show. Please let us know if there is any medical or other information that we need to be aware of. We will have access to all of your information in case we need to contact you throughout the day for any reason. Children will stay in their allocated dressing room where teachers and volunteers will keep them entertained with games and activities whilst they are not required on stage. The backstage and theatre doors will remain closed so we can keep track of children at all times for their safety. Parents will collect students from the same place they were dropped off at. All students will need to be signed out by our staff when being collected.
  • How long students will be on stage?
    Each routine will be approximately 2-5 minutes of stage time. Students perform one routine per class they are in. They also will return on stage to perform a couple of extra exercises, which they have learned during their lesson and one more time for the finale. 
  • What if my child doesn’t want to perform on the day?
    We had around 100 students in our last show. Although there were certainly a few nerves, every student confidently went on stage and performed. The experience backstage is incredible and builds lots of confidence.  We will do everything possible to support your child inn having a positive experience on stage.
  • Pushchairs and Buggies. Unfortunately due to the fire regulations of the Kingston Collage, pushchairs and buggies are not allowed to the theatre (you can leave them in the cafe area of the school). Therefore we advise to bring with you a sling or carrier for your baby if possible.
  • Parking: Unfortunately parking is not available in Kingston Collage grounds, but there is potentially street parking or Rose Car Park which is close to the college.

We are looking forward to seeing all our students on stage this year, let’s celebrate this wonderful event together!  

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