Important Dates!

important dates exam and performance

We are exited to announce our dates for the Ballet Exam and End of Academic Year Performances.

Please remember to put these dates on your calendar 🙂

18/06 – Exam. All Branches. Participation for all groups from ‘Budding ballerinas’ level.
Your teacher will confirm at the end of May if your child is ready to take a ballet exam this year.

25/06 – Performance Edmonton & Wood Green Branches.

02/07 – Performance Kingston upon Thames Branch.

09/07 – Performance Stratford and Newham Branches.

P.S: In Stratford all groups will participate in a performance, apart ‘baby and mummy’ class, as they are too little yet to do the stage show (but you will have a ‘Parents watch day’ instead).

Looking forward to these amazing events!