I often get asked ” When should children start ballet or dance? “

Lyric Dance School - ballet classes for toddlers

Well, as a professional ballet teacher with many years of experience, I suggest to start as early as possible. I actually introduced my little daughter Angelica to dance from when she turned 2 years old.  As a teacher, I was eager to teach her all key steps and help her to develop great motor skills, balance and flexibility.  And as a parent I wanted her to learn to do all of this in a fun and enjoyable environment.

With this in mind, a few years ago I have created a unique and creative curriculum for kids 2 – 3 years old, to introduce them to the magical world of ballet and dance.  Its designed to be a properly structured dance class, where students learn important steps, gain new skills and gradually progress to the next level, while the kids experience it as a fairytale adventure, where they can play, imagine and dance.  

The Curriculum has 6 structured themes to cover the whole academic year and each theme is explored in the classes for duration of 5 to 6 weeks, which helps the little kids to remember all learned elements and improve their general dance capabilities.

Depending on the theme, they will be included in role play elements.  Students will meet different characters such as a magical unicorn or dancing fairies in the enchanted forest, and they will jump with monkeys in the zoo, ride a reindeer to meet Santa Claus in a Christmas adventure, and lots-lots more.

Here is the link if you would like to see a short video clip of the Lyric Dance school ‘Tippie toes” ballet class, where I am delighted that my daughter also participates 🙂 … at the time of this video she was 2.7 years old.  I hope your child will also fall in love with dance from early years.

If you would like to try our Magical Ballet Lessons for little children click here to book your trial class. https://lyricdance.com/all-our-classes/

Looking forward your child to become a student of the Lyric Dance School.

The school principal,

Anastasia Girolamo