Lyric Dance Studio get asked all kinds of questions on a regular basis, so here are some of the most popular questions with an answer from us 🙂

Tell me about your dance school ?

Lyric Dance School is private limited company.  In other words we are a private dance school.

We specialise in providing Ballet, Modern Theatre Dance, Tap & Jazz classes for children from 2 to 12 years old, using the structured IDTA (International Dance Teaching Association) system of Education. This means we also give our students regular opportunity to take an assessment and examination under the internationally recognised procedures.

Where are the classes held ?

Lyric Dance School has a several branches across London. We are located in Kingston upon Thames, Stratford, Wood Green & Edmonton Green. To see school you are interested in on a Google map please visit our page “LOCATION & TIME” from the top menu.

All our branches have excellent facilities. Stratford and Wood Green studios are located at secondary schools, therefore are sometimes are subject to the schools rules and may occasionally reschedule classes to avoid clashing with schools events.

 Are the dance teachers qualified ?

All our dance teachers have bachelor’s degrees in dance and choreography as well as qualified under the International Dance Teachers Association or other similar dance boards. All our staff hold current DBS certificates to work with children.

How many students does each class consists ?

We are keen to keep size of our classes small.  The number of kids in each class is limited to allow for greater personal attention and quality of teaching.

Classes will typically have 10 – 13 pupils

Do you offer a trial lesson ?

Yes we do !  To book your trial class at discounted £5.00 rate please click here , or look under the “BOOKING” section in the top menu bar.

How can I reserve a place for my child ?

The place will be secured automatically , once you pay for your full term online.

Are classes paid for weekly or by term ?

We operate a term based payment system. To buy the classes at the discounted rate please pay before the commencement of the new term. You can see more information, and pay for the terms in our online shop by clicking here or select “BOOKING” from the main menu.

How much does it cost ?

  • Volume Discounts:

Volume discounts are calculated within  Dance classes category.
The “First Item” purchased in Dance classes category is  defined as the most expensive item and will be at full price, while each additional Item bought in that category will have a discount automatically deducted from it.

The Volume Discounts are automatically calculated and applied for an individual order.
Current Discount Rates per order are:
Dance Classes – “First” Class booked at full price, additional Classes booked at 20% discount each

  • Early Bird Discounts:

A variety of “Early Bird” Discounts will will also still be offered for items purchased early, and will be automatically added in addition to any other volume discounts earned for the order (as above).
These “Early Bird” discounts are offered for classes booked and paid for prior to the start of each academic term.
“Early Bird” Discounts are visible on the website with a small flag saying “Sale” on our website, and always run for a limited time.

Discount will be calculated automatically in your Shopping Cart.

You can see more information, and pay for the terms in our online shop by clicking here or select “BOOKING” from the main menu.

How do I pay for the dance classes?

The best way to pay is online through our shop by clicking here or select “BOOKING” and then selecting “PAY FOR DANCE CLASSES” from the main menu.

You will also receive the receipt of you booking confirmation immediately by email. If you prefer to use direct bank transfer or cash payment, it also can be organised by special request. Our Website has been designed to be mobile friendly, so payments can also be taken via your mobile phone at

Can I pay on the day ?

To ensure you place is reserved and to minimise disruption to classes we operate an online payment policy.  It is important you organise your payment before the term starts or after your trial class.

Can my child still join the classes if a term has already started ?

Yes of course, we welcome new joiners at any point during the term. Those who register part way through a term, will only pay for the remaining lessons in that term. For simplicity if you are joining part way through a term with the majority of classes remaining, we will send you the discount coupon code to pay only for remaining classes Please note: we can only accept your child half way through the term if we have available places. Alternatively we can sign you to the ‘Waiting list’ and notify later if any places will be available.

What age can my child start Dance Classes ?

Most children are ready to start “Tippie Toes” class at 2 years of age.

Can Boys come to Dance classes ?

Absolutely !! Boys are always welcome to join, and we have several in our classes. The adventures that we go on are suitable for both boys and girls.

What should kids wear to the trial Lesson ?

They can wear anything that they can move freely in (for example shorts, t-shirt, leggings and skirt) and soft shoes or bare feet for ballet, and hard soled shoes for tap classes. Some of the little ones might be upset when they arrive and are not in ‘pink’ like the rest of the class, so if they have a princess dress or something similar they can wear that for trial class.

Do students have to wear a set dance uniform ? 

Yes, All pupils are expected to wear the correct clothing for ballet classes.  Please note: we only accept our school uniform! Both shoes & uniform are available from the school website. Individual items may also be purchased if required.  Please visit our  page to find out how to order uniform for your child by clicking here or select “BOOKING” and then selecting “BUY DANCE UNIFORMS” from the main menu.

Later in the Year if your child decides to do their exams, they will also need to purchase some specific items.  The girls require special socks, satin ballet shoes and hairband, while the boys require a white top and socks.  These will also be available form our uniform supplier.

Dancers must appear in class with long hair in a bun and short hair secured off the face.

Can we stay and watch the lesson ?

In our experience, children relax, pay attention, and enjoy the lessons far more without a parent or carer watching as it tends be very distracting to the class. Therefore parents are only allowed to settle a child in for their first class in rare circumstances when the child is feeling quite uncomfortable, or when we commence a totally new class as a group introduction. Our classrooms have glass viewing windows in them, which permit you to observe your children without disturbing the class should you wish.

For the ‘Tippie Toes’ (2-3 years old) class parents / carers are encouraged to participate in this class and dance together with their children, stimulating them to participate in full, and follow the teacher.

During the year all students are given regular opportunities to show their dancing to family and friends. The school typically holds parent “watch days” once or twice each year.

We also have kids “Showtime” each year, which is the great opportunity for kids to perform an on stage performance for a routine learned through the year. These on stage performances are enormously beneficial for children as it helps to eliminate shyness and build their self-confidence, as well as being very enjoyable experience for kids and children alike.

Do the children have to do exams ?

The exams are entirely optional, and there is no requirement to do them unless your child wants to. The exams are designed to provide the children with both a goal and a subsequent sense of achievement, and we find that they show great excitement when receiving their certificates afterwards.

If your child want to do the exams…

We pride ourselves in preparing our students well, and as a result we consistently have a very high pass rate for the exams. It is key that students are well prepared for these exams.  It is important that sufficient time is allowed for students to develop the necessary technical skills and artistic qualities required at any given level. Each child who is keen to be entered for exams MUST attend additional classes for 10 weeks prior to the day of their exam (ie. an additional 10 classes) . This will enable them to feel confident about their work and therefore be seen at their best.

Parents will be given approximately 2 months notice of upcoming exam dates, and will then be asked if they want their children to participate.  There will be an additional charge for doing the exam, to cover the cost of the IDTA examiner and compulsory formal exam ballet shoes.


The Lyric Dance School is proud to offer all our students an opportunity to participate in a stage performance. We usually hold the performance once a year, either around Christmas time or at the end of an academic year.  Taking part in the performance helps to build kids confidence and improve their self-esteem along with overcome shyness. It also gives them an exciting and unforgettable experience, and of course helps them to understand the purpose of working hard for the whole year.

Unlike most of other dance schools in UK we don’t ask our students to buy stage costumes (which are generally £40-£50 each)  to participate in a show. We offer our children free use of costumes on the day of the performance .

However, apart from costumes expenses, there are also several other costs required to put on the event, such as hiring the premises with an appropriate stage, inviting additional school staff and teachers to look after kids during the show and the rehearsal time, etc. Therefore to be able to organise these wonderful events we have to ask parents to support the school and kids by buying tickets for the show. We always work hard to keep the ticket costs as low as possible, and welcome you to invite other guests and family, with additional tickets attracting a discount. We look forward to celebrating this wonderful fun event together!

Will my child participate in a performance?

We usually welcome all our students to participate in an annual performance, however if your child has recently joined our school in the last term before the performance, or her/his dance skills is not secure yet, the teacher will confirm with you if we still can offer you participation in that show.

The performance is usually combine two parts:

  • Ballet Demonstration – with participation of all our students, to show their learning achievements. Kids who were prepared for ballet exam will demonstrate the exercises from the exams, so you will have the opportunity to see their skills.Please note: apart from the usual ballet outfit, students will also be required to wear smart satin ballet shoes, ballet socks and pink hairnet (The same one they use for their ballet exam)
  • Show time – is the actual show, where kids will be dressed up in costumes and dance on stage. The costumes will be handed out to children on the dress rehearsal and should be returned to the school staff straight after the performance. The failure to return the outfits will lead to a replacement cost of £45.00 per costume.

Please try to attend dance lessons regularly, so your child will know the programme for the show better.

Do we have to pay for missed classes?

We understand that sometimes you have special circumstances and cannot bring child to one of the dance classes. As you have already paid for all the classes upfront as a term, we can invite you to attend an alternative class for the one you have missed.  You can choose another time within that term at any of dance school locations or dates.

To be fair to all students, and without overloading class sizes or disrupting the lesson sequence, we offer you two replacement classes during each term. Prior booking is essential, as there will be limited places within each class.

Can we just turn up for a missed class replacement ?

It is much better to contact us to make sure that the classes are running that day and that the group is not full, to ensure we have available place for your child.

Do you run classes in the school holidays ?

No we do not, the dance school closes during the schools holidays and half terms. Please check the online notice board of the branch you attending for more information by selecting “NOTICE BOARDS” from the main menu.  These are a great first contact point as we will keep them updated will all relevant information.

Is there somewhere I can wait while my child in a class ?

Yes, all our venues have waiting areas. If your child is very small and requires supervision for the toilet during the lesson please wait near the studio, so the teacher can call you if required.

Is there parking available ?

  • Stratford & Newham Parking is available on schools / leisure centres premises.
  • Kingston: Parking available (pay & display)
  • Wood Green: Parking is available on schools premises.
  • Edmonton Green: Fee paying NCP Car Park nearby

What if our circumstances have changed and we can no longer attend classes ?

As we have small number of kids per class, it is important to let as know half a term in advance if your child wishing is not wishing to continue in the future, otherwise fees in lieu may be due. Please give notice in writing or by email for our records.

Paying upfront is a big commitment what happens if my child is not sure yet about the dance classes?

We do understand that not everyone might like dance as much as we do. So if after 2 sessions your child changes his/her mind you will receive a full refund for the remaining weeks of the term minus a £15 administration fee. Please note, sometimes little kids need 3–4 weeks to settle into class and feel comfortable in their new environment and routine.

Please note that there are NO refunds for remaining dance lessons within a current term after 14 days from term commencement.

Do you charge an administration fee for classes ?

No, we do not charge administration fees for booking classes online, or to join our dance school. However if you decided to discontinue classes after two weeks from your payment for a term, we will ask you to pay a small fee of £15.00 to cover our administrators time to update our systems and organise refunds.

If I have two kids is it any privilege in payment ?   

Yes, we offer 20% discount for your second child classes. Also we do understand that it is difficult sometimes to allocate full amount in one go when you have more than one child, so we offer you possibility of payment in two installments : 50% of the cost for classes will need to be paid before the term starts, and the other 50% one month later. To arrange this special condition of payment please send as email to

If my child would like to attend two dance classes per week is it any privilege in payment?   

Yes, we offer 20% discount for any additional classes. Also we do understand that it is difficult sometimes to allocate full amount in one go, so we offer you possibility of payment in two installments: 50% of the cost for classes will need to be paid before the term starts, and the other 50% one month later. To arrange this special condition of payment please send as email to

If you have not found the answer you are looking for then feel free to to contact us via email or phone, as we are always happy to help.

Our Classes are now all ONLINE ! ... Book your trial class or new term to join your teachers for our Zoom live streaming classes, and we will resume in our normal locations when they open again :)