Exciting News: LAMDA Exams Now Offered for Our Drama Students!


We’re thrilled to introduce a new opportunity for our drama students – LAMDA exams are now available at our school!

What Are LAMDA Exams?

LAMDA, which stands for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, boasts a rich history spanning over 160 years. The LAMDA exams inspire and empower learners across the globe to be confident communicators. Through LAMDA exams, students embark on a journey starting from fundamental levels and progressing to Grade 8. These examinations leverage performances to foster self-confidence, physical presence, and commanding vocal skills.

LAMDA Exams at Lyric Dance & Performing Art School

We proudly offer LAMDA Graded Examinations within the ‘Group Musical Theatre’ discipline. This specialized exam is crafted to cultivate the abilities required to convey the dramatic content of musical text in a group, to an audience.

During this process, learners will develop:

  • Interpretative Skills: Students will explore style, form, character, and context. This exploration aids in understanding the musical text, enabling them to immerse themselves in characters and situations to create a vivid sense of reality.
  • Technical Proficiency: The curriculum focuses on developing voice modulation, diction, and movement – integral components for any performer.
  • Interaction Abilities: Through our program, learners foster connections between characters and work collaboratively to share responsibility for delivering a  performance.

These exams offer numerous benefits:

  • Individuals with a passion for singing and drama.
  • Current students inclined towards drama and musical theatre, seeking to refine techniques and prepare for auditions.
  • Those aspiring to enhance their presentation skills.
  • Students aiming to accumulate UCAS points for higher education.

In addition to the formal qualification, our classes develop lifelong skills, including public speaking finesse, freedom of self-expression, and the discovery of their unique voice.

Convenient Locations:

We are delighted to offer LAMDA exam classes across all our branches: Newham, Stratford, Kingston upon Thames, and Wood Green.

Easy Integration:

Preparation for LAMDA exams will be incorporated into our class syllabus. By enrolling in our Performing Arts classes your child will naturally gear up for the LAMDA Group Musical Theatre examination. Participation in the actual LAMDA exam is entirely optional; the decision can be made later in the year based on your child’s interest. Please note that there will be an additional charge for exam entry, set by LAMDA. The assessment process is impartial, as all students are evaluated by professional LAMDA examiners, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Booking Information:

To schedule a trial class or enrol in a course, please choose your preferred branch and complete the online booking process. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with your child!

Kingston upon Thames Tiffin School (KT2 6RL) book classes here: https://lyricdance.com/book-kingston-tiffin-school-dance-classes/

Stratford London Sarah Bonnell School (E15 4LP) & Bryan Street Methodist Church & Community Centre (E15 4RU) book classes here: https://lyricdance.com/book-stratford-sarah-bonnell-school-dance-classes/

Stratford Atherton Leisure Centre (E15 4RU) https://lyricdance.com/book-stratford-atherton-leisure-centre-dance-classes/

Newham Royal Docks Academy (E16 3HS) & Newham Leisure centre (E13 8SD) https://lyricdance.com/newham-ballet-performing-arts-modern-dance-school/

Wood Green Heartlands High School (N22 7ST) https://lyricdance.com/book-wood-green-heartlands-high-school-dance-classses/

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