Children Dance Classes

Lyric Dance Studio offers dance classes for kids 2 to 12 years old.

This photo was captured during the performance time in Stratford dance school. On the photo is our cute little ballerinas: Emilia, Maria, Stefania & Tiffany. Wait and you might see them in The Royal Ballet in a few years! 🙂

Lyric Dance school London, award winning ballet and dance school located in Stratford Kingston Wood Green Edmonton

Dance School with locations across London

Our school branches are located in Stratford, Kingston, Wood Green & Edmonton Green. To be able to provide individual attention to every child we manege the number of the students in our classes carefully.

This photo is presented by one of our students Liza, who started her ballet education with Lyric Dance Studio when she was just 3 years old. On this photo she is nearly 8, and already successfully passed several ballet exams. Well done Liza!

Lyric Dance school London, following IDTA curriculum and exams, with highly experiences teachers.

Learn Ballet with Professionals

Our dance & ballet classes are conducted by professionally trained teachers years of experience working with children of different ages. The class atmosphere balances learning with fun and enjoyment.

Lyric Dance Studio is happy to present the picture of one of our ballet teachers Anastasia together with two her students of Edmonton Green dance school Jessica and Sarah. We would like to say thank you to all our dedicated teachers.


Lyric Dance school London, following IDTA curriculum and exams, in Ballet, Tap and Modern styles. Top passing grades for students.

Dance & Ballet exams with the IDTA association

We give our students regular opportunity to take an assessment and examination under the internationally recognised procedures. These are designed to provide the children with both a goal and a subsequent sense of achievement.

On this photo is one of our budding ballerinas Alessia, who has done her very first ballet exam this year. Our congratulations to Alessia and to all our students with receiving high marks!

Lyric Dance school London, fabulous annual Children's Stage performances for Ballet, Tap, and Modern Dance

Ballet, Jazz, Tap & Modern Theatre Classes

Great  opportunity for kids to learn different styles of dance and perform a dance routine on stage. Performance on stage is enormously beneficial for children as it helps to eliminate shyness and build their self-confidence, as well as being very enjoyable experience.

Show time is the most exiting event, all kids just love to be on stage.  On this picture two sisters Rihanna and Alima are looking forward to their first performance.

Your kids are more then welcome to join our dance school too! Book your free trial ballet, tap, jazz or modern theatre dance class today!