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The most exiting event is coming – Kids’ Show Time on 12th of July!

The most exiting event is coming – Kids’ Show Time on 12th of July!

The Lyric Dance School is happy to invite all our students to participate in a stage performance on 12th of July. Taking part in a performance is one of the most exiting events for kids, and of course for their parents. Your kids have been working hard during the year to be part of this wonderful occasion. Participation in a stage performance is a great way to build a child’s confidence and improve their self-esteem along with overcoming shyness. It also gives them an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Date & Time: Performance: Sunday 12th of July at 1.00pm approximately till 2.15pm.

Dress Rehearsal: Sunday 12th of July 10am till 12.15pm

Address: Main Hall. Tiffin Boys’ School. Queen Elizabeth Rd, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 6RL.

Tickets available:

Why do I need to buy ticket?

Unlike most of other dance schools in UK we don’t ask our students to buy stage costumes (which are generally £40-£50 each) to participate in a show. We incur the cost of the costumes, and offer our children free use of costumes on the day of the performance.

However, apart from costumes expenses, there are also several other costs required to put on the event, such as hiring the premises with an appropriate stage, inviting additional school staff and teachers to look after kids during the show and the rehearsal time, etc. Therefore to be able to organise these wonderful events we have to ask parents to support the school and kids by buying tickets for the show. We always work hard to keep the ticket costs as low as possible, and offer tickets at very competitive price.

We also offering an additional 10% discount for two or more tickets, so you can invite some of your friends or relatives to support and watch your child perform.

Here is some information you need to know about the performance.

The performance usually combines:

  • Ballet Demonstration – with participation of all our students, to show their learning achievements. Kids who were prepared for ballet exam will demonstrate the exercises from the exams, so you will have the opportunity to see their skills. The correct ballet uniform along with the satin ballet shoes, ballet socks and hairnet is required. If you don’t have them, you can order those ballet items here:
  • Short interval. So kids have time to change into special dance costumes.
  • Show time – This is the actual show, where kids will be dressed up in costumes and dance on stage. The costumes will be handed out to children on the dress rehearsal and should be returned to the school staff straight after the performance. The failure to return the outfits will lead to a replacement cost of £50.00 per costume.

You are welcome to take photos of your child dancing on stage during the performance, however please do this from your seat, as walking around the hall will disturb other parents. The video is not allowed during the show.

Before the performance, on same day (Sunday 12th of July) all students will need to attend a dress rehearsal from 10.00am till 12.15pm. Please note: That sometimes the dress rehearsal can take longer, as there are quite a lot of little ballerinas, who need to be changed into costumes.

  • Please supply your child with a bottle of water during the rehearsal and performance, as it is a very long day. Write the name of your child on a bottle. (No juice or food is allowed, as kids can make spots on costumes and in that case you will need to cover dry cleaning cost).
  • Jewelry must not be worn to the class or the show! Small earrings are the only exception.
  • Before entering the dress rehearsal and the performance: Hair should be properly brushed and tied back into a bun. Use clips and hair gel to make the hairstyle neat and pretty. Please use the pink hairnet. Here is a photo of the correct hairstyle.


  • Ballet uniform should be clean and ironed to present a very nice professional look. Kids are expected to wear: leotard, skirt, ballet socks and satin ballet shoes.
  • Please write on the back label of their ballet uniform and ballet shoes your child’s name and surname, so that they do not mix up their items. Please note that the school is not responsible if any of your ballet items go missing.
  • We will provide each child a small bag with their name on it, so kids can put their ballet outfit there after the “Ballet Demonstration” part of the show.
  • After the “Show time” each child will be required to come back and put their costume into their bag, so we can confirm that the costume with all its accessories is there. Unfortunately if we don’t find some accessories or the complete costume in their given bag we will have to issue a charge for the missing items, so please check everything before returning the bag.
  • You can prepare kids with nice makeup, using lipstick, eyeliner, mascara etc., as they are now performing artists! 🙂

 Another Great News!

This year we have invited again a professional photographer, who specializes in Quality Photography of Children, to ensure you can get stunning photos of your child from the show. Professional portraits will be taken in a costume during the dress rehearsal. The beautiful photographs will be on a CD, and you will get it later.

Each CD contains photos of your child in a ballet outfit and a costume as well as photos from the stage performance. Discounts will apply automatically when you order a photo session on a CD together with the tickets.

How can I get tickets, CD and uniform for the performance?

If you require satin ballet shoes, socks and hairnet please order it before 2nd of July, so we can make sure it will arrive for the performance.

Early birds discount for tickets available up to the 8th of July.

You can buy tickets and CD with photo session from the performance here:

Alternatively you can make a bank transfer to the name of Lyric Dance Studio (please put the name of your child as a reference and notify as about your payment)

Looking forward to see all our students on stage 🙂

Lets celebrate this wonderful event together!

face the music


Wow! Lyric Dance School congratulates Emily McAvoy, one of our wonderful teachers, who has been chosen to participate in a new Musical: FACE THE MUSIC. It will play at Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre from 9th June – 3rd July 2015.

We are very happy for you Miss Emily! 🙂

Ballet exam school 2015

Ballet exam Saturday 20th of June

Important information about the ballet exam.

These exams are designed to provide the children with both a goal and a subsequent sense of achievement, and we find that pupils show great excitement when receiving their certificates afterwards.

We always advise to take part in an exam if our ballet school teacher has stated that your child is ready to do them. The exams are entirely optional, and there is no requirement to do them unless your child wants to, however it is highly recommended as kids develop a great deal of confidence by participating.

If your child want to do the exams…

Here is important information regarding the ballet exam, please read it carefully.

Scheduled date for the exam: 20th of June 2015

Address:  The exam will be conducted in one of the Lyric Dance Studio branches, located at the Sarah Bonnell School, Deanery Road, Stratford, London, E15 4LP

Dance examination board: IDTA (The International Dance Teachers’ Association)

The International Dance Teachers’ Association is one of the world’s largest dance examination boards, covering the full spectrum of dance examinations on a global scale, with over 7,000 members in 55 countries. The Association celebrated its centenary in 2003.

The IDTA has developed a range of examinations suitable for all ages and levels of experience and achievement. In our ballet school this year we offering following exams: Rosettes ballet and tap exam; Primary General, Preparatory, Primary Grades & Medal test. The level of exam which the pupils will attend depends on their age and level of experience.

How the exam is conduct…

The IDTA will appoint an professional examiner to attend the school on the requested date to conduct the examinations. The exam report forms will be completed by the examiner and returned to IDTA Head Office for processing. The final report results will be returned to the school principal with the appropriate certificate and award for distribution to our students.

The exam is conduct in a separate room (at Sarah Bonnell school it will be the Drama studio).

No parents are allowed to enter the studio during the exam, which is a very formal event. We have a special parents’ watch days/performance were we will welcome parents to attend and see achievements of our students.

Students enter the exam together with the teacher (Rosettes exam, Primary General) or by themselves (Preparatory, Primary, Medal test)

It is important to comply with quietness close to the studios during the exam time. Therefore we ask parents to either wait at reception, or to leave the school and come back after the exam.

No photos or videos are allowed during the exam and classes.

Please do not be late, as each group will enter the exam in a strict sequence. To enter the dance studio please follow the timetable, which mentioned when you choose level of exam on our page Pay For Dance Exam

We would appreciate if you could please arrive early to assist us in co-ordination, and ensure your child is fully dressed in the correct ballet uniform, and with the perfect hairstyle!

How to prepare child to the dance exam…

All kids who are attending the exam must be in a complete and correct ballet outfit (skirt and leotard should be exactly the same for all kids in a group + new satin shoes, socks and pink hairnet (you will also need to use these shoes, socks and pink hairnet at the end of year performance). For tap exam black tap shoes is compulsory.  Here is the link where you can order the uniform for the exam.

Jewelry must not be worn to the class and the exam!

Hair should be properly brushed and tied back in a bun. Use many clips and hair gel to make hairstyle neat and pretty. Order special Pink hairnet from Lyric Dance Studio website.  Here is the example of hairstyle for ballet exam and performance:









Please note: The teaching staff reserve the right to refuse participation in class, exam or performance to any pupil if they are inappropriately dressed and no refund will be given, so please make sure your ballet uniform is clean (and if possible ironed) and shoes are not dirty!

Fees to do the exam…

There will be an additional charge for doing the exam, to cover the cost of the IDTA examiner, and to purchase the compulsory formal exam ballet shoes, socks and hairnet.

To find the cost of the exam please click here and choose the level your child going to take:

To order the satin ballet shoes, socks and pink hairnet please click here:

Please arrange the payment for the exam and related uniform before 8th of June.

Please note: late payments will not be accepted, as we need to prepare and book everything in advance. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Good Luck to all our little ballerinas!


Britain Got Talent London

Britain’s Got Talent

Dear parents,

Lyric Dance School has recently been contacted by Britain’s Got Talent and ask if we have any talented students in our school. We replied that all our students are very talented 🙂

If you would like to join Britain’s Got Talent here is the information:

Britain’s Got Talent is heading to London on Friday 28th, Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th November and Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd December. They will be at the Excel London, One Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, E16 1XL and people can turn up anytime from 11am-6pm on any of these dates.

If anyone is interested in auditioning please contact either Jess or Vicky on the production team so that they can discuss their audition.

Jessica on: 02076915623 or email at:

Vicky on: 02076915963 or email at:

Good Luck!

Britain Got Talent London 2

Theatre Craft classes Kingston

Modern Theatre Dance classes in Kingston

Great news.  New Modern Theatre dance classes for kids in Kingston now available on every Monday.

We would like to invite all our students age 5 to 9 years old to attend new Modern Theatre Dance class on 15th of September (Monday) free of charge. Class starts at 4.30pm

The exiting Modern Theatre dance syllabus (also known as Theatre Craft syllabus) exists to develop the versatile show dancer. Full to the brim with varied styles including Musical Theatre, Pantomime, Cabaret and Commercial Dance. Essential elements – kicks, turns, and rhythmic awareness are all explored, whilst props and accessories are used to assist the styles. The fully orchestrated musical pieces add to the excitement and atmosphere of this unique performance based syllabus. Your child can also enter IDTA examinations within this genre.

* 10% Discount if you attend 2 or more classes!

Book your Free trial class today!

Looking forward to see all our students!

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Best regards,

Mrs Anastasia Girolamo

ballet classes kingston autumn term

Autumn term Ballet classes in Kingston

Dear parents,

Hope you had nice holidays and your kids have enjoyed their summer break.

Our ballet classes are back from 10th of September (Wednesday)

New Monday classes!!!

* Please note the term fees depend from amount of the weeks in that term! This academic year consists 3 terms.

Autumn term is 13 weeks long; begins Wednesday 10th September ends Monday 15th December

Half Term (NO CLASSES) Monday 27th Oct – Sunday 2nd Nov 2014

Click here to see the timetable

Looking forward to see all our students!

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Best regards,

Mrs Anastasia Girolamo