Lyric Dance School - ballet classes for toddlers

I often get asked ” When should children start ballet or dance? “

Well, as a professional ballet teacher with many years of experience, I suggest to start as early as possible. I actually introduced my little daughter Angelica to dance from when she turned 2 years old.  As a teacher, I was eager to teach her all key steps and help her to develop great motor skills, balance and flexibility.  And as a parent I wanted her to learn to do all of this in a fun and enjoyable environment.

With this in mind, a few years ago I have created a unique and creative curriculum for kids 2 – 3 years old, to introduce them to the magical world of ballet and dance.  Its designed to be a properly structured dance class, where students learn important steps, gain new skills and gradually progress to the next level, while the kids experience it as a fairytale adventure, where they can play, imagine and dance.  

The Curriculum has 6 structured themes to cover the whole academic year and each theme is explored in the classes for duration of 5 to 6 weeks, which helps the little kids to remember all learned elements and improve their general dance capabilities.

Depending on the theme, they will be included in role play elements.  Students will meet different characters such as a magical unicorn or dancing fairies in the enchanted forest, and they will jump with monkeys in the zoo, ride a reindeer to meet Santa Claus in a Christmas adventure, and lots-lots more.

Here is the link if you would like to see a short video clip of the Lyric Dance school ‘Tippie toes” ballet class, where I am delighted that my daughter also participates 🙂 … at the time of this video she was 2.7 years old.  I hope your child will also fall in love with dance from early years.

If you would like to try our Magical Ballet Lessons for little children click here to book your trial class.

Looking forward your child to become a student of the Lyric Dance School.

The school principal,

Anastasia Girolamo

Buy dance uniforms

How to buy the correct uniform for your child.

Like any professional school we like our children to learn in a fun environment, but do enforce a uniform policy so our little ballerinas look consistent, disciplined, and all feel comfortable with the correct equipment. This is also carried over to Ballet exams with have strict requirements on presentation set by the IDTA.

The Ballet School uniform is obligatory for all children 2 years and over.It is important for pupils to be correctly dressed for classes at all times

To order the uniform please go to our supplier and choose the class and level that your child attends.

website: and chose the class and level your child attends.

Please note that uniform can take up to 3 weeks to arrive , that is ok and you can still attend your class during this time.

Please note: For children’s ballet shoes you may wish to allow half a size for growing room.

Size conversion table :
UK 6.5 UK C8 = (EU 26)
UK 7 UK C8.5 = (EU 27)
UK 7.5 UK C9 = (EU 27.5)
UK 8 UK C9.5 = (EU 28)
UK 8.5 UK C10 = (EU 28.5)
UK 9 UK C10.5 = (EU 29)
UK 9.5 UK C11 = (EU 29.5)
UK 10 UK C11.5 = (EU 30)
UK 10.5 UK C12 = (EU 30.5)
UK 11 UK C12.5 = (EU 31)
UK 12 UK C12.5 = (EU 31.5)
UK 12.5 UK C13 = (EU 32)
UK 13 UK 13.5 = (EU 32.5)
UK 13.5 UK 1 = (EU 33)
UK 1 UK 1.5 = (EU 33.5)
UK 1.5 UK 1.5 = (EU 34)
UK 2 UK 2 = (EU34.5)

School Uniform requirements:

(1) 1st Position Laura Leotard (new ones will have the Lyric Dance School logo at the back).

(2) A child pull on Georgette Skirt for following classes “Twinkle Tots” , “Budding Ballerinas” and “Preparatory Grade” classes or 1st Position Wrapover Voile Skirt for “Primary” and “Grade 1”.

(3) Our preferred Ballet shoes are Capezio Daisy pink ballet shoes, but we will accept other quality makes of pink leather dance shoes

(4) Silky Ballet Full Foot Tights AD103 Pink, but we can accept other good quality brands.

(5) Shoes for tap classes are Capezio Junior Tyette Tap shoes

(6) Boys must wear Long black shorts; White dance t-shirt; Black leather full soled ballet shoes; white ballet socks

(7) Modern dance & Performing arts classes – Jazz pants & t-shirt / pink leotard. With the logo

For IDTA exams and performances only:
(A) Capezio Daisy Ballet Shoes.
(B) 1st Position Ballet & Dance Socks only up to Primary level. For Grade 1 and above – Silky Ballet Full Foot Tights AD103 Pink.
(C) Pink hair net bun.

To order the uniform please go to our supplier website

If you have any sizing inquiries please call our supplier directly on:
01626 47 79 33 or 01626 36 32 32

Book one class with Lyric Dance and get another for Free.

We’ve got another busy week ahead at LyricDance with over 50 classes and 2 live workshops taking place.

“The Summer term” resume this Monday, 20th of April and currently we have an amazing offer for you.

Book this term for either Ballet, Modern dance or Performing arts, and choose a second online class for this term for Free. Just email us after you have completed your booking and let us know which additional class you would like to choose. This is a special offer that can be used either for your own child or for a friend ! To see all classes available please click this link:



Over 400 families are enjoying our online classes, and we’ve been bowled over by the feedback and support. It’s been an incredible 2 weeks so far!

If you think how to entertain your little one during lock down, think no further. Our incredible offers of free workshops during the Easter & half price for whole term are here to help. Our aim is to keep kids active during this uncertain time. 

Here are some lovely comments from some of the patents of our students….

“You guys are great! After a bit of a shy start, Mabel really enjoyed her Zoom ballet class so thank you for making it happen”.

“Thank you so much for today’s online class, Anya really enjoyed it. It was great to have a bit of fun and normality. Thank you so much for the half price offer. See you next term”

Book our Online Summer Term & Easter Workshops here:

Happy Summer Holidays Everyone!

What a wonderful year it has been.

We had so many new ballerinas completing their very first ballet exam and many existing students completed higher grades and receiving distinctions and merits.

This year was a very busy one for us with 5 “Kids Stage Showcases” and nearly 270 children performing on stage. It always makes us happy to see the exited little ballerinas all dressed up in their stage costumes, and the smiles on the faces of the audience ! 🙂

Our new Performing Arts Classes in Stratford were also a great success. We have so many talented students, who loves singing and acting and had performed so well on stage in their very first year.

We are also excited to announce our new specially designed syllabus for “Baby and Mummy” ballet classes, with 6 different themes and lots of props for kids to dancing with.

As a reminder – Our school is now closed for summer holidays, but we will send you an update with the new timetable and invitation to book your classes shortly.

Happy Summer Holidays Everyone! And we are looking forward to seeing all our amazing students back in September.

Lyric Dance School Team.


Ballet & Tap IDTA Exam Results 2019

Congratulation to all students at Lyric Dance School for getting great IDTA ballet and tap exam results!

This year 119 of our students took part in a ballet and tap exam with 100% pass rate.

All students of Preparatory, Primary, Grade 1 & Grade 2 were granted either Distinctions or Merits. We are extremely proud of you all!

Our little ballerinas (Rosette Awards) – did very well too, with all of them passing very first exam.

Here are the exam results for 2019 :

Rosettes Ballet (Budding Ballerinas)


Rosettes Tap (Budding Ballerinas)


Preparatory Ballet Grade

Great results! You all did an amazing job 🙂

ALINA S. – Distinction (85)
ANUSRI S. – Merit (83)
CARLA N. – Distinction (85)
CHENXI Y. – Distinction (85)
DIYA G. – Distinction (87)
ESTHER D.– Distinction (87)
HANNAH V. E. – Distinction (86)
ISABELLA S. D. – Distinction (86)
JESSICA H. – Merit (83)
LEILA L. – Distinction (86)
LUCILE T. – Distinction (87)
LUCY C. – Distinction (85)
LYLIA M. – Distinction (85)
MEGAN E. – Merit (83)
NEVAEH A. – Distinction (85)
OLIVIA A. – Distinction (87)
PARIE P. – Distinction (86)
QUEENSLEY Y. – Distinction (85)
SARAH MARIA R. – Merit (82)
SOPHIA C.– Distinction (87)
SOPHIE F. – Distinction (85)
TAYLOR J.– Merit (83)
VALENTINA S. – Merit (82)
VANESSA ALEXANDRA S. – Distinction (85)
YUXI GUO – Distinction (85)

Primary Ballet Grade Assessment

Well done girls! You were dancing beautifully 🙂

ALEJANDRA N.-S.– Pass Plus Good (PP)
DAISY R. – Highly Commended (C)
MIA F.-S. – Highly Commended (C)
MILA G.-P. – Pass Plus Good (PP)
NUR M. K. – Pass Plus Good (PP)

Primary Ballet Grade

Congratulations! Very good job 🙂

ABIGAIL VIDAD – Merit (81)
ALEXA L. – Merit (82)
ALICE P. – Merit (80)
ANA F. – Merit (80)
ANGELA Z. – Merit (81)
ANYA B. F. – Merit (81)
ARIANNA S. – Distinction (85)
CELINE K. – Merit (81)
CEYDA N. K. – Merit (83)
CHELSY L. – Merit (77)
JAMILA-ROSE K. – Merit (83)
JASMIN A. – Merit (83)
JESSICA DIAS-P. – Distinction (85)
JESSICA S.– Merit (80)
KAYLA M.-J. – Merit (80)
MADISON B. – Merit (83)
MYLA B. – Merit (78)
NICOLE C. – Merit (82)
NINA L. – Merit (83)
SARAH E. – Merit (78)
SELMA K. P. – Merit (83)
SHAKTI D. – Merit (78)
SIENNA B. – Distinction (85)
SOPHIA R. – Merit (82)
SUAILE T. – Merit (80)
TUANA K. – Merit (82)

Grade 1 Ballet

Our special congratulations to the students, who were doing IDTA Grade 1 exam, as we know how difficult the syllabus was, but you performed it very well!

ALICIA A.– Merit (78)
ASLI N. K. – Merit (80)
AVA-SIMONE M. – Merit (76)
BETH S. – Merit (78)
CHERYL O.– Merit (80)
CHINONYE C. – Merit (77)
DANEEN A.– Merit (78)
ELIF SU G. – Merit (80)
EMILY S. – Merit (83)
ISABELLE L.– Distinction (85)
JESSICA B. – Merit (82)
JIN L.– Distinction (85)
JOANNA J. – Merit (83)
JULIA R. – Merit (83)
KATE NICOLE U. – Merit (77)
LIYA A. – Merit (78)
LOLA BARRERA A. – Distinction (85)
NAMAYA P. – Merit (78)
NISHKA T. – Merit (80)
PAULA MARTIN A. – Merit (76)
RAYHANA M. – Merit (77)
RUBY-ANNE W.– Merit (78)
TAKHMINA M. – Merit (78)

Grade 1 Tap

RUBY-ANNE W. – Merit (78)
SONALEE J. – Merit (80)
AVA-SIMONE M. – Merit (77)

Grade 2 Ballet

Well done! Very proud of you girls! 🙂

ANNA K. – Merit (81)
ANTONINA K. – Merit (82)
DARIA K. – Merit (81)
EVELYN L. – Merit (83)
ISABEL L. G. – Merit (81)
NIKA F. – Merit (83)

Well done everyone who completed their dance exams! Lets all congratulate your little ballerinas 🙂

Kids Stage Show – Kingston upon Thames

“Never give up on your dreams” like Felicie from movie “Ballerina”.
We are happy to invite all our adorable ballerinas to take part in the upcoming performance.

Participation in the stage performance is a great way to build a child’s confidence and improve their self-esteem along with overcoming shyness. It also gives them an enjoyable and unforgettable experience to display their talent.

Date & Time for Stage Show: Saturday 8th of June at 1.15pm approximately till 3.15pm.
Dress Rehearsal: Saturday 8th of June 10am till 12.45pm (specific time for each group will be sent shortly)
Address for Rehearsal and Stage Show : Theatre Hall. Kingston Grammar School. 70 London Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6PY

To have a glance behind the scenes at preparation for one of our Stage Shows please watch our short video on YouTube

To attend the performance, tickets are required (note: your don’t need to buy a ticket for the actual participant/student, only for parents and visitors)

Tickets available here. 

Kids under three years old attend for free, but will need to sit on your lap. 
Please note: The tickets you purchase online will be handed out to you on the main rehearsal day.
This year we have a limited number of tickets available, so if you haven’t purchased yours yet please do it shortly. Tickets will be available to buy online only until 3rd of June.

Here is some information you need to know about the performance.

The performance usually combines:

  • A Ballet Demonstration – with participation of all our students, to show their learning achievements. Kids who prepared for their ballet exams will demonstrate the exercises from the exams, so you will have the opportunity to see their skills.
  • A Short interval. So kids have time to change into their special dance costumes.
  • Show time – This is the actual stage show, where kids will be dressed up in lovely costumes and dance on stage. Unlike most of other dance schools in UK we don’t ask our students to buy stage costumes (which are generally £40-£50 each)  to participate in a show. We offer our children free use of costumes on the day of the performance . The costumes will be handed out to children on the dress rehearsal and must be returned to the school staff straight after the performance. The failure to return the outfits will lead to a replacement cost of £50.00 per costume. After the “Show time” each child will be required to come back and put their costume into a bag allocated to them, so we can confirm that the costume with all its accessories is there.


You can prepare kids with nice makeup, using lipstick, eyeliner, mascara etc., as they are now performing artists! 🙂
Uniform: Ballet outfit, Ballet Shoes, Ballet Tights and Pink Hairnet. Ballet uniform should be clean and ironed to present a very nice professional look. 
Their Hair should be properly brushed and tied back in a bun. Use many hair clips and hair gel to make their hairstyle neat and pretty. Please use the pink hairnet. Here is a photo of the correct hairstyle.


Jewelry must not be worn during the rehearsal and performance!

Please supply your child with a bottle of water during the rehearsal and performance, as it is a very long day. Write the name of your child on a bottle. (No juice or food is allowed, as kids can make spots on costumes and damage them. 

Dress Rehearsal prior to the Performance:

It is important for your child to attend the rehearsal before the performance, so your little one will feel more confident to dance on stage.


This year we have once again invited a professional photography company, who specializes in Quality Photography of Children, to ensure you can get beautiful photos of your child from the show. Professional portraits will be taken in their costumes during the dress rehearsal. The photos will be then available for purchasing online. Buying photographs is entirely optional. Please note: occasionally we might use photos for our school promotion and marketing purposes.

You are welcome to take photos of your child dancing on stage during the performance, however please do this from your seat, and be respectful to other parents around you.  Taking videos during the show is not permitted.

Pushchairs and Buggies .

Unfortunately due to the fire regulations of the Kingston Grammar school pushchairs and buggies are not allowed to the theatre (you can leave them in a cafe area of the school) . Therefore we advise to bring with you a sling or carrier for your baby.

Please bring your child to the event 30 min before the performance, fully dressed in the clean ballet uniform and with perfect hairstyle!

We are looking forward to see all our students on stage

Lets celebrate this wonderful event together!


12 benefits of doing the ballet exam exam

12 Benefits of your child doing a ballet exam

Dance exams and assessments motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities, they:

  • Help to bust students’ confidence.
  • Allow candidates to demonstrate their progress.
  • They gain a real sense of personal achievement.
  • Receive feedback on where they can improve.
  • Students work more enthusiastically and hard during their lessons to aim towards achieving a high result.
  • Candidates who did the exam are very proud of themselves.
  • The earlier exams aren’t too pressurized, but it does help them prepare for the more serious and stringent advanced exams.
  • The certificates issued by IDTA Governing body is recognised worldwide.
  • Exams are a big feature in the calendar of Lyric Dance School and are performed once a year.
  • The children look forward to this exiting event.
  • Students love to receive their certificates of achievement!
  • When students, who did their exam, come back to the next academic year they show great pride in announcing “I am a real ballerina now”

If the dance teacher confirmed that your child is ready to do the exam this year, we would highly recommend taking it, so your little ballerina can enjoy all these benefits.

Date for the exam: 15th of June 2019, Address: Sarah Bonnell School, Deanery Road, Stratford, London, E15 4LP

To book the exam please visit the page: Deadline for exam bookings – 3rd of June.

Date for additional practice/mock exam 1st of June 2019, Address: Sarah Bonnell School, Deanery Road, Stratford, London, E15 4LP. To book mock exam please text or email us the name of your child.

Good Luck to your exam!

Important Dates (Exam & Performances) 2019!

We are exited to announce our dates for the Ballet Exam and End of Academic Year Performances.

Please remember to put these dates on your calendar

15/06 – Exam. All Branches. Participation for all groups from ‘Budding ballerinas’ level. Address: Sarah Bonnell School, Deanery Road, Stratford, London, E15 4LP

08/06 – 1.15pm – Performance Kingston upon Thames Branch. Participation for all groups except ‘Tippie toes’ (baby and mammy class, as they are too little yet to do the stage show). Address: Theatre Hall. Kingston Grammar School. 70 London Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6PY

22/06 – 1.00pm & 3.30pm – Performances Edmonton green & Wood Green, Newham (Monday), Stratford (Friday), Stratford (Saturday Modern dance 9.30am & Performing Arts 12.15am groups only) . Participation for all groups except ‘Tippie toes’ (baby and mammy class, as they are too little yet to do the stage show). Address: Theatre Hall. Chobham Academy, 40 Cheering Ln, East Village, London E20 1BD

06/07 – 11am & 1.30pm – Performance Stratford Saturday including Performing Arts (10.45am & 1.45pm classes). Participation for all groups except ‘Tippie toes’ (baby and mammy class, as they are too little yet to do the stage show). Address: Theatre Hall. Chobham Academy, 40 Cheering Ln, East Village, London E20 1BD

Looking forward to these amazing events!

Lyric Dance School baby and mammy ballet dance classes

Winter fairytale is coming!

Winter fairytale is coming!

Come along and enjoy with your little one a new winter themed baby and mummy class. Your little adventurer will learn how to ride a reindeer, eat a Christmas mince pie with a mouse, play a very fun snowball game, and of course dance! We would love to see your child come and enjoying dancing!

Book your trial class here