Buy dance uniforms

How to buy the correct uniform for your child.

Like any professional school we like our children to learn in a fun environment, but do enforce a uniform policy so our little ballerinas look consistent, disciplined, and all feel comfortable with the correct equipment. This is also carried over to Ballet exams with have strict requirements on presentation set by the IDTA.

The Ballet School uniform is obligatory for all children 2 years and over.It is important for pupils to be correctly dressed for classes at all times

To order the uniform please go to our supplier and choose the class and level that your child attends.

website: and chose the class and level your child attends.

Please note that uniform can take up to 3 weeks to arrive , that is ok and you can still attend your class during this time.

Please note: For children’s ballet shoes you may wish to allow half a size for growing room.

Size conversion table :
UK 6.5 UK C8 = (EU 26)
UK 7 UK C8.5 = (EU 27)
UK 7.5 UK C9 = (EU 27.5)
UK 8 UK C9.5 = (EU 28)
UK 8.5 UK C10 = (EU 28.5)
UK 9 UK C10.5 = (EU 29)
UK 9.5 UK C11 = (EU 29.5)
UK 10 UK C11.5 = (EU 30)
UK 10.5 UK C12 = (EU 30.5)
UK 11 UK C12.5 = (EU 31)
UK 12 UK C12.5 = (EU 31.5)
UK 12.5 UK C13 = (EU 32)
UK 13 UK 13.5 = (EU 32.5)
UK 13.5 UK 1 = (EU 33)
UK 1 UK 1.5 = (EU 33.5)
UK 1.5 UK 1.5 = (EU 34)
UK 2 UK 2 = (EU34.5)

School Uniform requirements:

(1) 1st Position Laura Leotard (new ones will have the Lyric Dance School logo at the back).

(2) A child pull on Georgette Skirt for following classes “Twinkle Tots” , “Budding Ballerinas” and “Preparatory Grade” classes or 1st Position Wrapover Voile Skirt for “Primary” and “Grade 1”.

(3) Our preferred Ballet shoes are Capezio Daisy pink ballet shoes, but we will accept other quality makes of pink leather dance shoes

(4) Silky Ballet Full Foot Tights AD103 Pink, but we can accept other good quality brands.

(5) Shoes for tap classes are Capezio Junior Tyette Tap shoes

(6) Boys must wear Long black shorts; White dance t-shirt; Black leather full soled ballet shoes; white ballet socks

(7) Modern dance & Performing arts classes – Jazz pants & t-shirt / pink leotard. With the logo

For IDTA exams and performances only:
(A) Capezio Daisy Ballet Shoes.
(B) 1st Position Ballet & Dance Socks only up to Primary level. For Grade 1 and above – Silky Ballet Full Foot Tights AD103 Pink.
(C) Pink hair net bun.

To order the uniform please go to our supplier website

If you have any sizing inquiries please call our supplier directly on:
01626 47 79 33 or 01626 36 32 32