12 Benefits of your child doing a ballet exam

12 benefits of doing the ballet exam exam

Dance exams and assessments motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities, they:

  • Help to bust students’ confidence.
  • Allow candidates to demonstrate their progress.
  • They gain a real sense of personal achievement.
  • Receive feedback on where they can improve.
  • Students work more enthusiastically and hard during their lessons to aim towards achieving a high result.
  • Candidates who did the exam are very proud of themselves.
  • The earlier exams aren’t too pressurized, but it does help them prepare for the more serious and stringent advanced exams.
  • The certificates issued by IDTA Governing body is recognised worldwide.
  • Exams are a big feature in the calendar of Lyric Dance School and are performed once a year.
  • The children look forward to this exiting event.
  • Students love to receive their certificates of achievement!
  • When students, who did their exam, come back to the next academic year they show great pride in announcing “I am a real ballerina now” 🙂

If the dance teacher confirmed that your child is ready to do the exam this year, we would highly recommend taking it, so your little ballerina can enjoy all these benefits. 🙂

Good Luck to your exam!

To book the exam please visit the page: https://lyricdance.com/product/dance-exams-18th-of-june/